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Air Conditioning

With many suppliers offering air-conditioning units how do you know which  companies offer a quality and reliable product? Let us solve this  problem for you.

Air conditioning units are essential to surviving the heat of the spanish summer and the cold of the winter nights.

An air conditioning system comprises two parts - interior and  exterior units. Interior units can be installed almost anywhere - for  example above a window or curtain rail. The exterior units can be  mounted on a wall, placed on a roof or a floor. All exterior pipe work  is hidden by white plastic trunking which can be painted any colour



Internet & Satellite Television

Watch all your favourite English programs, listen to all your favourite UK  based radio stations from the comfort of your new Spanish property.

If you have bought a property with rentals in mind it cannot be stressed  how important a Internet or satellite system can be to increase your amount of  rental weeks, people will often choose a property with satellite just so that while they are on holiday they can keep up to date with the news  and weather. Our Internet & satellite systems work on a one off fee which includes  the dish, receiver and over 60 channels.



Ordering or changing your telephone service can be frustrating and time  consuming, especially if you dont speak Spanish. Let us arrange it for  you and help you with establishing specialised services to give you  cheaper international calls, broadband etc.

Require further information, then go to Contact Us page and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24-48 hours

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