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Very few British buyers have a Spanish solicitor in their address book when  they set out to buy property in Spain. So it should come as no surprise  that many of them end up using the solicitor recommended by the estate  agents or developers they buy from.

Surveys reveal that 63% of British buyers end up using the lawyer recommended  to them by their estate agent. Of these 20% report being very  dissatisfied with the legal service they receive, compared to just 2%  who use a solicitor that they have found themselves.

The fact of the matter is that using a solicitor recommended by an estate  agent or, what is worse, the agent's in-house lawyer, you should try to  avoid. Estate agents are highly motivated to close sales that pay  commissions and unscrupulous agents recommend lawyers who will  facilitate this outcome. Buyers can be lulled into a false sense of  security whilst the recommended lawyers do nothing more than oil the  wheels of the transaction on the estate agent's behalf. The buyer's need for security of purchase can become irrelevant in this equation.

When buying something as expensive as property in a foreign country you need a lawyer who you can be certain is working for you and you alone.  Looking for an independent lawyer once a dispute has started is like  closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. You need your own  lawyer from the very start.I

It is also very important to use a local lawyer that has a good  understanding of the English language to ensure that all proceedings and documents are understood.

From our extensive experience in the area we know which lawyers offer the  best services for individual areas and developments. Taxation and  Spanish will services also available.

Please contact us for further advice & information regarding any legal needs.

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