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Buying a property on the Costa del Sol is one of, if not the biggest decision  you will make in your life and buying a property in Spain could be one  of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences you will ever have.

Although there is something you should be aware of...

Snagging Report

In a recent survey of 300 new build properties 17,400 snagging defects  were found, an average of 58 snagging defects per property. Most defects were minor but some could have caused major problems later on.

But don’t worry, because all new build properties must come with a  government regulated 10 year builders warranty against any defects.

Upon completion, if defects are reported immediately, the builder has 28  days to rectify them (the final payment should not be made until the  defects are resolved). After this period (or final payment) the builders can repair defects at their leisure which in Spain can be timely and  frustrating.

If all defects are discovered and reported to the builders promptly the  completion will run smoothly and you as the buyer will have confidence  that your property is finished to the correct standard and specification.

Deciding on whether to have a snagging list or snag report can be the difference between a dream coming true and your worst nightmare. In the long run a snagging list or snag report can save you time and money.

Please contact us for more details on our Snag Report service.

This inspection can help reduce risk, but cannot eliminate it or assume it.  The inspection report is an overview of the property it will not point  out every defect in a home or residential property. Many components of  the property are not visible during the inspection. Even the most  comprehensive inspection cannot be expected to reveal every condition  you may consider significant to ownership. The inspection also should  not be confused with an appraisal, technical report, structural survey,  municipal code inspection or a guarantee.

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